Calina and Angel

While most folks are preparing to gather with family for the holidays, the Ellinger-Routzahn family is thinking about ways to honor their daughter, Calina Harris, who passed away in September, 2015 at the young age of 23. Hearing our pleas for donations due to the recent influx of medically needy Boston Terriers, Christine Ellinger-Routzahn reached out to us and made a generous donation in memory of Calina and her special relationship with her Boston Terrier, Angel.

We wanted to share the following statement from Ms. Ellinger-Routzhan with all of our supporters:

Calina Harris could never bear to hear about any dog suffering in any Calina and Angelway. Calina loved dogs, period. However, she loved her Boston Terrier, Angel, more than any other dog. Calina and Angel spent hours and hours together, particularly when Calina was a junior and senior in college and they spent time together studying in her room. Calina referred to Angel as her “love bug”. She also called Angel her sister because she felt I treated Angel very well, as if she were my child.

Because of their special relationship, I chose to put a picture of Calina with Angel on Calina’s gravestone. While I can’t bring Calina back, I can honor her memory by lessening the suffering of Boston Terriers in her honor. Friends and relatives who adored Calina can show their love for her by donating to Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida during the holidays and around her birthday in April. I will continue to share her love of animals with others and to make a difference in the lives of as many dogs as possible.

In honor of Calina Harris and her love for Angel, please consider making a donation to BTRFL in memory of Calina.

Donate in memory of Calina