Pupdates From BTRFL Alumni!

We get pupdates from our adopted dogs’ families all the time and we love to share them! These pupdates are pulled straight from our Facebook feed.  We hope that you enjoy seeing their smiling faces safe and sound in their forever homes just as much as we do.

Mia! (formerly Little Mama)
We love it when our adopters stay in touch! We just had the pleasure of babysitting CODY for a week while his parents went out of town. It took a while to find Cody a home but thank goodness we waited for the perfect family for him because Cody lives like a king now! He is one very loved and happy boston. Great to see you again Cody! -Lisa
Prince (Bentley)!
Roxie! (Formerly Lisa Mama) - one very sick little pup when we got her. Now look how happy and healthy she is!
PUPDATE! Stitch is loving his new dad and it looks like his new dad is loving him :)
Trixie and Cooper look pretty happy in their forever home!
Tandem napping level: Expert!  Pepper sure does like snuggling up with her dad for a nice nap on a rainy Florida afternoon!
Piglet (formerly Bama Tide) has no complaints! This sweet girl is loving her new life!
Linda Luz's smile says it all about how she feels about her forever family!
Lexie/Keisha looking happy as a clam in the sun!
Clancy is pretty darn comfy in his new home! His mom has done a wonderful job working on his manners and now he's as handsome on the inside as on the outside!
Can you even believe this is the same dog?! Sweet Archie Strong really went through some tough days, but pushed through! Isn't it amazing what some love and care can do? Thank you to his wonderful foster, fantastic adoptive family, and all of you for helping to support him on his journey!
Snoopy and Prissy are enjoying some relax time in their new home!
Someone forgot to tell Tequila Jax he is supposed to be a senior.  Here he is relaxing after his morning JOG (yes, I said jog) with his new daddy.  Pretty darn good for a 10yr old.  Bet he can't wait for it to be a little warmer so he can start swimming.  Loving the active life in Jacksonville, FL
Olive (fka Becky Land) having fun at home and still cute as a button!
Buster Brown is doing great!
Tia Maria is the happiest little diva !
Miss Pickles (Dixie) is loved to pieces and doing great! We love to see our frosty faces in their furever homes. They still love just as whole heartedly as the young ones ❤️
Armani (Jax) is living it up!!!
Update on little Lloyd Hill - he is doing well and settling right in on the farm! He said there are plenty of warm blankets, which are his favorite! Here he is meeting some of his new neighbors
Cito is loving life and happy he gets to hang out at the mechanic shop <3
Willie (formally known as Ollie) is settling in and doing great with the help of his dad!
Armani formally known as Jacks is having a great time with his furever family <3
Cito looks very comfy in his new furever home! Happy life and many snuggles ahead👍
Oscar - AKA Scooter PUPDATE - Got an update from Oscar's family today.  Eye infection is healed - YAY.  And it looks like he is responding well to ear treatment so may not have to have surgery.  Either way, his hearing on low tones is completely gone but he seems oblivious to his disabilities.  He is just so happy to be out of pain.  Much thanks to the BTRFL family for all your thoughts and well wishes for this guy.
ARCHIE STRONG PUPDATE! Oh for the love of Archie Strong❤️❤️❤️ we will never forget this little guy and fortunately his forever family stays in regular touch with us. He has the best life and the best family ever, just look at him. He is handsome, healthy, happy and STRONG! You remain in our hearts forever Archie, we couldn't be more pleased with his amazing family ❤️
Tequila is living large with his new family! They sent us this awesome pic recently, we just love to see how our pups are doing thank you!
Herb and Linda Hill adopted Bentley several months ago.  they sent this photo,  and a note that he is very much loved....He loves playing ball and obviously the notion of "he will sleep on his own bed" went out the window a long time ago!   many thanks to BTRF for saving this one eyed boy who desperately needed help...another life transformed!
PUPDATE! Oh Chester how wonderful to see you looking so good and doing so well!
🐾Pupdate🐾 Diesel sending off his fur brother to camp then playing in the treehouse with his sister! This is awesome ❤️ what a great life!
Pupdate! From former foster mom: Goliath Perk (on the right) is loving his new life, he was adopted last summer and his dad just adores him. He said Goliath loves playing in the water and meeting new people at the dog park. At home Goliath follows dad everywhere and helps him with all his projects. What a great match these two were, so happy for my former foster!
Rosie was adopted this past weekend, and it looks like she is settling right into her new home!
This beautiful girl is Bea, and she is a BTRFL alumni. She was adopted about 5 years ago, and is loving life! Here's a note from her mom "She was scared of everything and everybody when I got her but she is just the sweetest little girl now and she absolutely adores me. I love her so much she's the best little dog." 

This little lady has come a long way! Thanks for the update, mom! <3
PUPDATE: Hello from handsome alumni Rocky Dade!

His family reports that Rocky is living the good life, spoiled as can be! They say that "Rocky is a tennis ball fetching machine. He loves the backyard and chases everything from lizards to squirrels on the fence!" They even bought him a big case of tennis balls at Costco! Awesome! :D