Murfee’s second and final surgery is coming up soon but we are in great need of your help! His surgery will cost somewhere around $2000 and his first surgery was nearly $1000. Check out Murfee Lee’s YouCaring page to donate.


Murfee Lee was brought into a Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc. foster home on July 19, 2015. As an eleven year old dog with severe dental disease amongst other medical conditions, it was clear that he had been a lifelong victim of neglect. The lack of care for his dental issues has caused his jawbone to nearly disintegrate, causing his lower lip to sag not to mention the pain of an entire mouth full of decayed teeth.

Murfee has already had one surgery where 9 teeth were removed, however because of how fragile his jawbone is the veterinarian did not want to move forward with the remainder of the teeth that were harder to remove.  If his decaying teeth are not removed, his jawbone will likely continue to deteriorate.

His second and final (hopefully) surgery is scheduled for September 10th.  The total bill for this surgery alone will exceed $2000.

We are hoping that as a community we can raise enough here to cover at least the second surgery if not more.  Murfee is an incredibly sweet dog with a lot of love to give.