The Facebook “Help if You Can Auction” starts on April 10, 2015 at 8 PM CST and ends on April 12, 2015  at 8 PM CST. The auction will benefit our recent rescue, Archie Strong, and  many of the medically needy Bostons in our rescue.

Archie was rescued from Polk County Animal Services after being neglected and abused. Although BTRFL sought to rescue Archie as soon as we found out about him, we were informed that he was on hold since he was considered evidence for the criminal investigation that the County was conducting for his abuse case. When Lisa Pruitt, from BTRFL, was finally able to pull Archie out of Animal Services he was very sick with an upper respiratory infection. He was all bones and his left eye appeared to have a foreign object inside. He also seemed to have multiple puncture scabby wounds all over his tiny little head. Although we do not have any details about what he has been through, we know for certain that he was abandoned and nearly starved to death.



Despite having a rough life, Archie is the most loving and affectionate dog. His foster mom Lisa, has been successfully nurturing him back to health. Archie was 11.2 lbs. when he came into rescue and today he weights about 15.2 lbs. Archie was also neutered and treated for his upper respiratory infection. The eye specialist also determined that the foreign object was no longer in Archie’s eye. However, the puncture damaged Archie’s eye permanently as he has no vision in this eye. BTRFL is still monitoring his condition to determine whether Archie’s left eye will need to be removed by surgery. For now, Archie will likely have to stay on eye drops for the rest of his life.


Like Archie, there are many other dogs  in our rescue who are in great need of medical attention and surgical procedures. Giving them the care they need can become very expensive. For this reason, we ask for your help and urge you to be part of our emergency auction. Please contact us if you are interested in donating any items for the auction or if you have any questions. You may also upload your donation