Surrendering Your Boston

Surrendering your dog is never an easy decision. If you have exhausted all options to keep your Boston Terrier, please consider surrendering them to Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida Inc. Our rescue will not place your pet in a shelter environment, but rather in a loving foster home best suited to his or her needs. Our fosters will provide food, love, and vet care for your pet as if they were their own until a forever home is found.

If you are thinking of listing your pet on Craigslist, please reconsider. There are many people who look for dogs on Craigslist (particularly those being given away for free) to abuse them, sell to research labs, flip and sell for a profit or use them for dog fights. Craigslist listings place your pet’s safety at risk. On the contrary, our rescue thoroughly interviews, check references and perform home visits on all of our prospective fosters and adopters to ensure our dogs are placed in the safest home possible.

If you have decided to surrender your pet to our rescue, please fill out the following form. Please provide us with all of your pet’s records at the time of surrender. Donations of your pet’s crate, bedding, toys, and food are always helpful and will make the transition into a new home easier for your pet. Monetary donations are not required but always appreciated as well.

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Dog's Information

Please complete as much information as possible. We strive to provide all Boston Terriers coming into our program with the best possible success in placement with a permanent home. Providing as much information as possible allows us to do this for your Boston Terrier. Please note that the information provided will not affect whether or not we are able to take your dog into our program.
ie, Heartguard, Trifexis, Frontline, etc.
ie diabetes, Cushings, food allergies, thyroid, etc.
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Owner's Information

Owner's Signature

My signature below certifies that I am the owner of, or have the authority to surrender to the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc., the animal described above. I hereby relinquish all rights of ownership and any right to information on the disposition of said animal. I also authorize the release of any veterinary records regarding the animal. I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, I have disclosed all information about the animal concerning health, behavior, history, and anything else that may affect the safe placement of the animal in a new home, and that all statements made above are true and correct. Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc shall have sole and exclusive legal right to make all outcome decisions and take all actions deemed appropriate, including return to owner, adoption, or euthanasia. At no time in the future will Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc communicate the outcome of the animal to you or any other party.