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2 days ago

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.

Please keep Shadow Toliver in your thoughts and prayers. After having been moved last week to another vet, it was felt that little Shadow Toliver needed a little more time to gain weight and get a little stronger before his perianal hernia surgery. He has been treated for intestinal worms and with 3-4 small meals a day, has managed to gain a pound during this time. Because of the extent of the perianal hernia, the vet is having to eliminate his intestines by hand on a regular basis. Hopefully, all will go well tomorrow and we can get this sweet boy on his way to recovery. donorbox.org/shadow-toliver-desperately-needs-your-help

4/6/18 UPDATE:
After doing X-rays and blood work, the recommendation is surgery. They have confirmed that it is a perianal hernia. Because this vet will not have a surgeon available next week, we are looking to move him to a different vet.

The vet believes Shadow is about 10 years old. The good thing is that they believe he has a strong heart. The blood work did show that his liver enzymes are high so that have put him on medication and have put him on an antibiotic as well. They previously gave him an enema to prevent fecal impaction.

One of our volunteers/fosters visited him today and gave him some snuggle time. She said: “Went and saw Shadow today! Cried happy tears. He is so tiny and so precious! Sweetest little thing! He has some type of scar on his forehead that looks like angel wings.”

So far, we have incurred over $700 in vet fees. With surgery, the total cost is expected to exceed $2,000.

We hate to keep asking for donations but without them, all of our volunteers’ and fosters’ hard work is for naught if we cannot pay the bills. While shelters do so much to try to manage the huge influx of unwanted and abandoned animals, they call rescue when they have a dog that they cannot or will not spend the time or money on. Without rescue, Shadow would have been euthanized. This is why we RESCUE and we can only do it if we have your help. ❤️

4/5/18: Earlier today, we received a panicked phone call from a shelter. They had taken in Shadow (now called Shadow Toliver) and were requesting immediate rescue help. Without thinking twice, one of our volunteers dropped everything, grabbed a co-worker and rushed out the door to go save Shadow Toliver. Within the hour, Shadow was brought to a veterinarian with staff capable of monitoring their patients overnight.

This poor boy has been through so much! Aside from his huge anal mass, he is emaciated and in rough shape. Until we know more from the veterinarian, we have no idea if Shadow will survive this.

In addition to his current medical issues, this poor boy had been wearing a collar so tight for such a long period of time that all of his hair underneath had rubbed off. Additionally, a prior owner thought it would be a great idea to crop his ears (maybe to make him look more like a pit bull??)

Despite everything he has gone through and is going through, this severely underweight, 11 pound boy was a sweet as ever to his rescuers. On the way from the shelter to the vet, he curled up in the passenger’s lap and took a little snooze. When they put him on the exam table at the vet, he was all kisses. Perhaps this was his way of thanking his rescuers for making him feel safe and loved.

We will update as we learn more

What can YOU do to play a part in an amazing rescue story?

DONATE: donorbox.org/shadow-toliver-desperately-needs-your-help

FOSTER: bostonrescueflorida.org/becoming-a-foster/

ADOPT: bostonrescueflorida.org/available-for-adoption/adoption-process/

VOLUNTEER: bostonrescueflorida.org/volunteer/

TOGETHER we can do great things for these rescue pups!!

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 80-0020296. All contributions are tax deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.

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Comment on Facebook

Precious baby prayers. God watch over you

I will pray for the dog God bless the dog amen

Prayers for you sweet baby.


Prayers for you buddy!

Prayers for this sweet boy. May God guide the hands of the Vet who will be performing surgery. 🙏🏻💗

Prayers for this baby

Prayers for this precious baby 🙏❤️🙏

Good luck Shadow

I'm crying inside for this poor baby. I would help if i could. I had to leave my BT behind when i had to move. I sure can pray though. Bless you.

Sending prayers to Shadow God and his angels are are watching over him and gonna pull him through this god please strength shadow and give him the strength to pull through this surgery tomorrow were all rooting for him please god wrap your arms around shadow and lift him up in Jesus name god and his Angel's will be by Shadow's side to pull him through this

Prayers for sweet Shadow

Sending lots of love and prayers for this sweet boy.❤❤❤

Praying. God bless this precious little one. 🙏🙏🙏

Prayers for a successful outcome from surgery.🙏

Healing prayers.

prayers for a successful surgery!!

Looks like he's had a rough life thus far...hopefully this is a new beginning where he will, from this time forward, heal quickly and completely and enjoy too much love and happiness for a very long time to come! 🐾💕

Prayers.... sweet angel face....🌸

prayers sent

Prayers my little friend. You have come a long way in 2 short weeks since we got you. You have the power and the will to keep up the good fight and to enjoy life the way it was meant to be. You have a lot of people pulling for you.

Praying for that sweet baby


Sweet baby

Prayers little angel HOPE you feel better soon God bless

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2 days ago

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.

“Max got his prayer blanket today! He loves it! Thank you to the Fur Angel Blessed Blanketeers!” - Max’s Foster Mom

Max Oscar is the latest deaf dog to come into our Rescue. He is a puppy with no manners so we will be spending extra time and training to teach him communication skills and to learn boundaries. ❤️
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Comment on Facebook

Sweet baby


I want to come visit max !

Such a cutie!

We have a piebald bt also!

Aww. He is so cute.

OMG I love him. I had a wonderful deaf boston, Elmo, who was also a rescue. I have been wanting to rescue another deaf boston. Is this beautiful baby available and if so, ho do I even begin the process?

My prayers are with you Max your a handsome boy

He’s precious.

He looks like my sweet boy.

Not only do I have an 8 month old boston that needs to have a younger dog to wear her out but I have had 2 deaf dogs in the past and am quite used to them

He's absolutely precious

Beautiful boy💙🙏🏻


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5 days ago

Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida, Inc.

And a special thank you to our supporters. Helping these pups is possible only with your donations. ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

And a special thank you to our supporters. Helping these pups is possible only with your donations. ❤️


Comment on Facebook

Thank you guys for taking care of such sweet babies!

Thank you for helping these adorable pups. Donation made on behalf of Hearth hounds. Please contact me in the future if you would like a Boston Terrier stocking donation for your next fundraiser or online auction. Keep up the great work! www.hearthhounds.com/collections/frontpage/products/boston-terrier


FOUND IN Seffner, FL.

Found dog, Boston Terrier male. Hillsborough County, Seffner, Florida, area of Cherry Laurel and Giddons Ave. If you lost this dog please contact me. 251-721-6150. You will need additional information to claim him.
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FOUND IN Seffner, FL. 

Found dog,  Boston Terrier male.   Hillsborough County,  Seffner, Florida,  area of Cherry Laurel and Giddons Ave.  If you lost this dog please contact me.   251-721-6150.  You will need additional information to claim him.


Comment on Facebook

What a sweet little face. I hope he finds his home


He's Beautiful😍 he's got the Haggerty dot. The Kiss of love!

Shared Sarasota 34243

Tampa family here. Let us now if you need foster or adoption help in our area.

Boston Terriers R Us please share to find his family!!!

Did you also post on lost and found pets of Hillsborough County?

Oh sweet baby.... how could someone loose you???? Sharing...

I hope he finds his family. Sharing in Tampa. I have a Boston too and could not imagine my life without him.

Lisa DePalma

He’s just perfect!

Shared with FL friends

Oh my! I’d love to have him.

He’s so cute! I hope he finds his family!!

He looks like he misses his family - poor baby ❤️

He looks just like my sweet Toby. I miss him so much..😪

Keeping hopes up he's reunited.

Carolyn Sanislo

I hope he is reunited with his family!

Praying you find your way home baby.

Beautiful Boston...praying he has a loving family looking for him.

Please post on fidofinder.com as well

Sharing ! I have a Boston too i would just be beside myself, ugh I am hoping for a happy ending !! The best thing is he is safe and with some one with a kind heart and soul

He is handsome

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Comment on Facebook

I hope he is found and safe.

Good luck😢😢😢

Everytime I see this it breaks my heart a bit more. I cant imagine. I wish for them to be reunited.

Sharing again


So hope he is found safe. 😢

Shared and Keeping The Faith ❤️

Praying for this sweet baby 🙏

He has to be out there. 🙏

Carolyn Sanislo


Shared again

Just to to let you know, social media works My nephew had his dog taken about eight weeks ago by a neighbor and he was gone 6 weeks, people saw his posts on social media and he got him back. Stay strong!

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